Myths, fairytales, legends are delightful, but to soak into the realness of life? — Its rhythms, its discord, its prose, its beauty — life’s lyric is essential.

How can we live in the brackets of this wind-up world?

How can we lift our better selves out of the brackets and into the whirls of joy?

How can one find majesty in a nameless future, a forgotten or pressurized past?

How subject are we to our idealized natures, our realistic present, our momentary profundity (or is it a fool’s masquerade)?

…Hitching up our collective bootlaces, we distill life into bite-size curiosities and use the simple tools at our fingertips to decipher the world in ways wild and wonderful.

As little night birds tickling the wind, breeding and hungry, but refusing to fly off till the nest has cradled their growth…